Post Proceedure Maintenance


Now that you have completed the Xpressmile Professional Whitening treatment, it is important that you follow certain precautions to maintain your sparkling white smile.

For 24 hours after the treatment:

· Do not eat or drink dark staining substances such as tea, coffee, colas, red wine, red sauces.

· Do not smoke cigarettes or use any tobacco products.

· Do not use coloured tooth paste.

· Use the XpresSmile whitening protector and enamel booster and prevent food and drinks from re-staining your teeth.

To maintain your white smile:

· Touch up treatments suggested every 6-12 months and 20 minute treatments can be done as frequently as 3 months.

· Use the XpresSmile Whitening pen (€40) to maintain your white smile and remove stains from inside curves of teeth where stains build up.

· Minimise consumption of dark staining food and drink and minimise smoking.



The XpresSmile Whitening Protection and Enamel Booster contain 1 syringe of remineralisation gel, 1fluoride toothpaste, and 1 mouth tray. (€39.99) The remineralisation gel includes calcium phosphate and fluoride to ‘’fill’’ in the microscopic holes or tubules in the teeth. This will seal the teeth and prevent dark foods from re-staining the internal tooth structure, ease any tooth sensitivity in the teeth and build strong enamel.

· It is best to apply gel just before bed time.

· If you received an impression mouth tray, bite down first to make a deep impression of the teeth

· Brush your teeth with the fluoride toothpaste provided. Apply one third to half of the syringe into mouth tray evenly. Let the gel set in your mouth for at least 5minutes.

· Remove the tray. Do not rinse your mouth or eat or drink for 30 minutes after using the gel.

Ingredients: deionised water, alcohol, polysorbate 20, carbomer, dicalcium phosphate, sodium fluoride, potassium sorbate, sodium saccharin, flavour and teeth triethanolamine