Teenage Make Up Lessons

Teen Makeup Lessons

Teen makeup is different in almost every way to adult makeup needs. Many teens learn how to apply makeup on their own by watching adults apply appropriate makeup FOR THEM. A teen simply does not have the same issues of an adult. A teen’s skin is still "fresh-looking" and does not require the same attention as an adult makeup routine. It is important for a teen to understand the appropriate type and amount of makeup to apply.

Probably the mistake that most teens make is over applying makeup. Over application is actually unhealthy for the skin. The over application can clog pores and create skin conditions that lead to more over application. Using too much concealer, foundations, and powders lead to a pancake of makeup. Only the appropriate amount of makeup can give the flawless, healthy look your teen is striving to attain. It is important to teach that, in many cases, less is better!

The best look for a teenager is a light makeup application that supports their natural beauty and does not appear over done.

Teen makeup parties offer an opportunity for your daughter and her closest friends to receive their first makeup lesson in a relaxed environment - and from a professional.

A good skin care regime is the palette for achieving the best makeup results. Our consultant will discuss the importance of starting good skin care habits early to achieve healthy skin.


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